Minorities Experience: Package 5 Anchor Lead: The University of Iowa admissions and the Center for diversity and enrichment have collaborated in their recruitment for minority students. Jessica Wenck talked with the director of the center for her perspective.


SOT: “Well the center for diversity and enrichment, we serve three groups of students, first gen, low income, and under represented students. Providing support and guidance for our students.”

VO: The Center for Diversity and Enrichment plays a major role in how involved minorities are with the university. Putting on annual events like the Thanksgiving Feast, a social opportunity where currently enrolled students are able to interact with other minorities and meet new people.

SOT: What we’ve done, and all of it is intentional, because the University of iowa, they are serious when they say that they want to bring diversity to the University of Iowa. We were fortunate to receive some additional funding for under-represented students. So we partnered with the admissions office. We increased the mailings that we sent out to students, post cards.”

VO: As a way to recruit future students to the university, the center also hosts the multicultural event where students from across the nation to visit the university and see the benefits of being a minority at Iowa.

SOT: It is a rich mix of culture and social difference that comes together to make an exciting learning environment at this university.

VO: Apart of this Fall’s increase is freshman Celina Carr.

STANDUP: This Fall at the University of Iowa the minority rates have seen a high increase in minority students. Totaling 11%, with the majority being Latino, African Americans and Asians.

SOT: “Umm, well the diversity rates not that high here. But it doesn’t really affect me too much because I feel like I can still find my place here. I just came here mostly for my studies, that’s what I focused on.”

SOT“I’ve been here for 21 years, having an office like this makes a difference in students lives.”

SOT“I met a lot of freshman minorities and first generation students the first week of school. If you put yourself in that environment it helps you to meet other people on campus who are minorities that are in the same position as you.”

SOT“ Are we gonna go in leaps in bounds? No. But we will grow, I just can’t see the enrollment declining.”

SOT“It makes you kind of feel like you have a home here.”

VO: And a home environment is exactly what the center hopes to create for the students while attending the university. I’m Jessica Wenck, Daily Iowan TV.